I’m quitting. :/

Sorry, I have to quit.. I work on way too many blogs, and I didn’t post much.. Well, bye.

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commented on phb

massive gave me the idea so we’ll see if we get more comments and to YF thats a good idea we should get some storys goin on here lol ~ferb out

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Title says all. So I shall try to put something on here to entertain you. I don’t have any ideas of what that “something” is. A story maybe? Suggestions? Yeah I have nothing else to say…


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H3lIo Wrld

H3lIo Wrld! This is infjsinger, and I will give some sort of prize to a reader who figures out this message:

N2 mane is 4nf5singur! I lve to be with mai f4ie5ds… W7II u figu3e out mai me22age?

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need more peps

were a small group we need more active people so that this blog can be known also like poptropica 52 or the amazing friends i want the poptropicans blog to be like those 2

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New blogger! PixelChaos

Hey there im just passing by. I will do posts normaly. Dayly I hope to help out
this blog with images and their backgrounds and fonts. I’m a coder and a
hacker! But dont worry I’m the good kind of Hacker. 🙂 Im glad i could join the blog!
( Pixel Out )

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do what u want

if my fellow peps wanna post storys u can its fine with me anything u wanna do u can

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