books for the summer to get if ur bored

The Loser List: It’s a pretty awesome book it currently has 2 books out.

Middle School: It’s a awesome book that tells you what to do and not to do in middle school, It also teaches you. It is by james patterson, He has 2 books in the series.The second came out last week.

Origami Yoda:It’s pretty cool with origami 2 series out, Third one comes out this month. It’s about starwars and origami together.

Amulet: i think thats the name. There is currently four or five books out. Idk when the next comes out.

Big Nate:A awesome series about this boy that gets in trouble alot in school. The new one just came out, so wait for the next one xD.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: by Jeff Kinney. This was the first graphic/novel i read. Its a really awesome series, The next one the third wheel may come out this fall.

Percy Jackson:A graphic novel form, its pretty cool i learn more stuff about greece and gods and goddess.

Ok so these are some awesome books you might be intersted in,I’ll post more soon (Made By Ferb) Edited by Pixel )


4 Responses to books for the summer to get if ur bored

  1. cleanshark says:

    How come you do stuff like texting words and barely capitalize stuff? Just wondering…

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