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im ferb aka smart wing i live in america,ohio im that kinda guy whos ticked all the time but in the inside he somehow cares lol. my rp color is dirty blonde my real hair color is brown. im 13 my b-day is may 5th. now to some stuff i like: fav bands: BEP and skillet. fav singers/rapper: kevin rudolf, tyler james william (i think maybe its tyler william james) and more. fav songs are: i made it, don't run away, and the game. fav colors are: red,gold. my friends are:jannice,natalie,suzie,simon,sarah,WS,FS,MS2,three,HR,WW, and much much more XP.. thats all about this crazy guy. more info contact me at oh u want my number.. eh not gonna happen bub XD



this is me the all mighty smart wing XD i am zeus grandson note my dad name is apollo xD. any way i have another poptropican named sticky lightning i will show him once he becomes awesome XD

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commented on phb

massive gave me the idea so we’ll see if we get more comments and to YF thats a good idea we should get some storys goin on here lol ~ferb out

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need more peps

were a small group we need more active people so that this blog can be known also like poptropica 52 or the amazing friends i want the poptropicans blog to be like those 2

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do what u want

if my fellow peps wanna post storys u can its fine with me anything u wanna do u can

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Hello world!

hey welcome to me blog im ferb. heres the rules: no fightning,no inappropiate stuff, and no whining if i say u cant be on my team of awesomeness XO. anyway comment and stuff and have some fun!

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