About the poptropicans

we are the aqua team XO nah were the team of awesomeness we all go on poptropica club penguin and xat these people r like my family u mess with them u mess with me…now have a nice day C:


16 Responses to About the poptropicans

  1. cleanshark says:

    I’m the first to comment! Anyway, can I join your team?

  2. cleanshark says:

    E-mail Address or password?

  3. cleanshark says:

    frankbraden@charter.net But please don’t E-mail me! Just comment on my Blog, cleansharkandpoptropica.wordpress.com

  4. cleanshark says:

    So um, if I’m hired how can I post on this blog???

  5. ferb1 says:

    i have to make u an adminstrator xD

  6. ferb1 says:

    so i have to send u an invitation so look in ur inbox in ur email lol

    • cleanshark says:

      LOL means you were kidding, right? If you were serious than my dad must have accidently deleted it cause I didn’t see it in there, can you just give me information on what an administrater does and how to post on here through comment? Thanks! 😉

  7. cleanshark says:

    Ferb1, do you want to to work with me on my blog? I’m working solo and I need some help. Just give me your user and tell me how to hire you on http://www.cleansharkandpoptropica.wordpress.com

  8. ferb1 says:

    one ill resend the invitation but go to ur email and accept it quickly xD. and u cant really like post through comments. and sure i’d love to work on your blog heres how to add me and other people: go to dash board, scroll down to users click that and click new user. for the first bar click it and put in a username or email (btw my username is ferb1) and theirs a tab click it and click eather editor author adminastrator or follower. their ya go! btw can ya make me an adminastrator please?. and ill send the invitation for you again 🙂 ok well hope this info is useful.

    • cleanshark says:

      I didn’t necicarrially mean post through comment. I might’ve given you the wrong E-mail, do you think I can change it to a regular username? How do I view stuff through username?

  9. cleanshark says:

    Well, I invited you! You are going to be the administrator of my blog. Well, I am too. What’s the difference with the administrator and other types of authors?

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