New blogger! PixelChaos

Hey there im just passing by. I will do posts normaly. Dayly I hope to help out
this blog with images and their backgrounds and fonts. I’m a coder and a
hacker! But dont worry I’m the good kind of Hacker. 🙂 Im glad i could join the blog!
( Pixel Out )


About Calamity

I'm that girl who use to go by Pixel.
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4 Responses to New blogger! PixelChaos

  1. cleanshark says:

    Can you tell me some ways of how to hack the game on Poptropica? Like how your Poptropican got that Early Poptropican shirt and stuff.

  2. cleanshark says:

    OH, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cleanshark says:

    Just one way to do it, PLEEEEEEASE?????????????

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